Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time Again...

Hey friends.

I've got the cleaning fire in my belly this week!! I've got some things that I'm looking to sale:

Books:All books are in brand new condition...hardly even looked through at all.

Decorative Journals--Donna Downey--5$
Paper Crafts Gourmet--10$
Joy of Card Making--Collector's Edition--12$ (hardback)
Find Your Groove--5$
Scrapbooking Made Easy--5$
Scrap Simple--5$
Joy of Scrapbooking--Revised and Expanded--10$ (hardback)

I've got SEVERAL back issues of Cards Magazine and a few Scrapbook Trends Magazines.. They are also in pristine condition, they are all beautiful catalogs--almost too pretty not to keep--but I've got too many!! If you are interested, I'd like just 3$ a magazine.

Stampin' Up Stamps:*I am no longer a demo so these may or may not be current sets**
Stem Sayings-5$
Happy everything-5$
Classic Backgrounds-5$
Tart and Tangy-5$
Cheep Talk-10$
Good Friend-8$
New Unmounted Contempo Alphabet-25$
It's A Date 5$
Note to Self 5$
Short Order Alphabet-10$
short order numbers-5$


  1. Hey Jen, I may want to take some of your stamp sets off your hands, particularly the alphas. I am in the process of looking them all up to find the images, and then I will let you know.

  2. Hi again!
    I definitely want the tall tales sets, oval all and sweet celebrations.
    It's hard to tell without a catalog what the difference is between the contempo and short order alphas. Can you help me out on that one?